Equality at Namely

At Namely, we are committed to diversity, inclusion, and equality. As we watch protests unfold across the country—and the world—we find it important to reiterate that we stand in solidarity with the black community and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Inactivity or silence is not an option. In close collaboration with representatives of our employee resource groups (ERGs) and the leadership team, we have committed to the following actions in immediate response to recent events:

1. Namely has chosen several organizations to support the critical work of systemic cultural change for impacted communities. Namely will be matching (on a 2-to-1 basis) employee donations, which will continue until our designated funds are exhausted. We would encourage all of our stakeholders to join us in this effort by supporting the worthy organizations that we have selected:

Black Visions Collective

A black, trans, and queer-led social justice organization and legal fund based in Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN.

The Know Your Rights Camp

An organization founded by Colin Kaepernick that provides education and training in black and brown communities.

The NAACP Legal Defense Fund

An organization supporting racial justice through advocacy, litigation, and education.

National Health Law Program

An organization of attorneys and advocates litigating in state and federal courts and fighting for policy changes to protect and advance access to quality healthcare for low-income and underserved individuals.

Equal Justice Initiative

An organization founded by Bryan Stevenson providing legal representation to prisoners who may have been wrongly convicted of crimes, poor prisoners without effective representation, and others who may have been denied a fair trial.

2. Namely will be formally recognizing Juneteenth, an under-celebrated holiday commemorating the announcement of the end of slavery in the United States. Our offices will be closed on June 19th, and leadership is working with our ERGs to compile resource packets with reading, educational materials, and actions that individuals can review. This will be followed up by a series of discussion groups that all associates will be encouraged to attend—especially our non-black employees.  This day will remain on our annual holiday calendar.

3. While Namely has always been an organization that has enthusiastically supported voter rights, we have made an enhanced commitment to encourage voting by providing resources on voter registration and giving our employees time to vote on election day. We recognize that these issues are systemic and elections are only one piece of the puzzle to fixing them. However,  voting is the ultimate step in holding our leadership accountable and we intend to support the act of doing so with enthusiasm.

Finally, we feel it is important to acknowledge that as a business with an all-white executive leadership team, we have an unassailable responsibility to drive change in the underlying system that contributes to violence against black communities and exacerbates the massive disparity in everything from socioeconomic status to education to healthcare for black Americans. We are personally committed to this systemic change.

All of us are responding with urgency to the issues of the day, but our commitment to this cannot be simply a response to a seminal event. Namely is dedicating resources, time, and energy to this work on an ongoing basis. We are exploring additional changes to education programs, time off policies, civic engagement, and diversity & inclusion initiatives within the company, in our interaction with clients, and within the business community. We pledge to listen and commit time, resources, and leadership effort to these issues going forward. As those commitments evolve, we will update this page.

This is a time that we, as businesses and individuals, need to step up to do the work to fight against racism, injustice, and inequality. Namely intends to do its part.